The Rollashield Residential Curved Series is a must have for shift workers. Offering insulation from heat and noise it makes sleeping through the day much more comfortable and quiet, which is vital to ensure sufficient quality sleep between shifts.

100% Australian owned and manufactured using high quality components ensures a long life and reliability from your Roller Shutters. The slats are comprised of a double walled cavity with PU foam injected during the roll forming process. This process provides strength and insulating qualities while maintaining exceptional working performance. The curved shape of the slat provides optimal lateral strength and minimal roll size allowing a smaller head box for a better look.

The E-Series motor option is the most popular choice as it allows your Roller Shutters to be motorised without the need for expensive electrician’s costs. Powered with a 12volt motor hidden inside the headbox and operated by a control mounted inside beside your window, a simple push of a button will raise, lower or stop the curtain in the position you require. Another huge advantage of this option is that if your power goes out you can still operate your Roller Shutter, if a power outage occurs during a storm you can still lower the curtain to give your windows extra protection.

Also available is the Somfy hard-wired motor option. Somfy offers a comprehensive range of 240 volt motor solutions to suit almost any application along with a wide range of controls and sensors for increased flexibility.

Our Australian made Roller Shutters offer extra protection from intruders, covering your external glass they are a great deterrent and are difficult to open from the outside. In addition to providing excellent temperature control and insulation they also shield your windows from storms. They act as a barrier to deflect rain, hail or flying debris to help prevent damage to glass.

One of the biggest concerns for property owners is the cost of energy, Roller Shutters will reduce energy consumption as the insulated slats keep the room cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. These insulated slats also make the room much darker and reduce noise from outside, which is essential for shift workers and is a huge help if you have young children.

Available in many contemporary standard colours and with option for custom colours our Roller Shutters look fantastic on any style of house or business.

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