Betta 2000 – Auto Lock Arm Awning

Betta 2000 Awnings are the perfect option for over your windows to protect your interiors from heat, UV and weather. The guide bars fitted to your house exterior on both sides of the Awning allow the arms to lock off at any position, giving you maximum control over the elements with an easy spring operation. When they aren’t in use, they neatly roll up out of the way, add protection for your fabric with the addition of a colour coordinated Weather Box to cover the fabric when retracted.

Best suited to ground floor windows, however they can be operated on slightly elevated windows with the addition of a pull down stick. The minimal projection conserves space by fitting close to the window with a choice of either 300mm arms or 150mm arms where space is limited. The arms are the star of this design, keeping the Awning on an angle that allows airflow into the house while cutting down on heat and UV Rays and even deflecting rain while allowing you to keep your windows open.

Looking for more privacy? Windows facing the road or the neighbours benefit from our Auto Lock Arm Awnings, cutting visibility while allowing natural light into the house, there is no need to keep Blinds drawn all day. With a huge range of fabrics available in various levels of privacy there is a solution for every window.

The option of a stainless steel upgrade is a must have for homes in harsher environments, it will keep your Awning looking beautiful for many years.

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