Timberline Acoustic Folding Doors

Looking Good

Up to the minute design makes Timberline the best looking acoustic accordion door available. With wider than normal panels and a very gentle accordion effect, the result is a neat, clean and uncluttered look. See for yourself in the gallery.

Choice of Finishes

Many surface finishes are available on Timberline doors including raw MDF for painting on site by others, vinyl laminates, real timber veneers and certain melded fabric finishes. Other surface finishes may be possible, check with your Lotus representative.

Easy to Use

The latest Timberline doors feature easy to grasp handles and a special draw-tight latch to ensure that the door closes fully and achieves the required acoustic seal. Timberline doors hold open easily. Keylocks can be fitted as an optional extra.

Acoustic Performance

"What level of sound reduction do I need?" is a frequently asked question. An acoustician's main aim is to control the sound transmission between rooms to a level where it is no longer distracting even though some sound may still be audible. The performance of an acoustic door depends not only on the soundrating of the model chosen but on the nature of the building in which it is installed. If there is a leakage of sound around the outside of the door; eg over a suspended ceiling, this will limit the perceived effectiveness of the door. Therefore choose the Timberline soundrating you require bearing in mind any limitations the building may impose.


To provide the best options Timberline is available in two sound ratings.


timberline acoustic


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